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"The best way to move others, is to be moved ourselves;
words that come from the heart are most likely to reach the heart."

William Jenkyns

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March / April 2008

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"The Call Of The Maturing "

Recently, I've had the (un)pleasure of experiencing some extreme vertigo. The whole idea of "room-spinning" has been somewhat fascinating to me. What makes some people (and mostly children) giggle and laugh makes others horribly physically ill. I'm sure I "liked" making myself dizzy when I was younger.

There...I hit the nail on the head..."when I was younger."

Now, I'm not pretending to be the oldest one here. In fact, I'm sure I'm still a "youngin'" to many of our readers. Still, as I approach 40, I find myself "spinning" by how quickly time seems to be passing...slipping away.

This has caused a certain urgency to grow inside of me. Our time on this Earth is short, and the things we have influence over are always changing. It makes sense, then, to focus only on those things that make a true difference. I could call it "The Call Of The Maturing ".

What we do, matters. This is--and I dare say, must be--at the forefront of our thinking. If what we do doesn't matter, then hope is lost. We must believe that what we do has an effect on others around us. As we grow older...ok, as *I* grow older...I find myself longing to be involved only in things that are of lasting importance. My family is one obvious area this can happen. Even my extracurricular activities have been imbued with this mandate. Wherever I spend my energy, I want there to be some effect out there that benefits someone other than me.

When I was younger, of course, my immaturity kept me from seeing past my own needs and desires. I know I hurt a lot of people along the way. There are probably still people out there who would find it hard to believe where my life is right now, because they knew me "back when".

We are all aging. Some are ahead of us in the process, some are behind. Once we pass that point where we realize the world doesn't solely revolve around us, we can then become effective citizens of the world. There are those who jump on the opportunities presented early in life to effect change. Then there are folks like me, who realize it later, and luckily, before it's too late.

As brothers and sisters, neighbors and co-citizens, I believe we are obligated by our living to help make our world better for each other and for future generations. Though that may hold different meaning based on your environment, position, culture, etc., the truth of it remains.

My writing, my editing of The Coffee Press Journal...these too are part of my own sense of obligation to better my world.  I only hope I can learn whatever it is I am supposed to learn during this time of "spinning", and I hope I learn it quickly.



James M. Brown, Editor
The Coffee Press Journal

(Of course, your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Please email them to "editor at coffeepressjournal dot com".)

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