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Mar/Apr 2008

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Our Work, Our Art, Our Lives

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"The best way to move others, is to be moved ourselves;
words that come from the heart are most likely to reach the heart."

William Jenkyns

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March / April 2008

Our Work, Our Art, Our Lives

Page 17

Never Ending by J. Don Coonrod

I hate time running out, those tremors
and spilled coffee on aunt Erma’s embroidered mats;
and  being left behind in a gas station restroom,
when the bus snorts and prematurely heads out.

What's this Mobius strip we're on, going nowhere,
and when did we lose time’s respect—
speeding up faster the older we get.

I try not to cough around grandkids,  they can sense
weakness—solicitude follows, like a hungry cougar
tracking a deer’s foot prints in deep winter snow.

But then I stretch back in my rocking chair
and rub my fingers slowly through thinning hair, and
realize—of this I’m sure: blessed are the old, they
know life is always beginning—and what’s more
they know life’s stream is never ending.


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